What Our Clients Are Saying

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As we see the women come and go at New Hope/Compassion Care Center, we see many who are hurting and fearful of their future. Many of these women have been abused verbally, sexually, and physically. Many of them do not know what it is like to feel loved.

When these precious women come into our doors they are in the midst of making a life or death decision. For most of them, that decision is made based on fear. Fear of being financially stable to raise a child, fear that a parent or boyfriend might reject them, fear that carrying a pregnancy may interfere with their school or work, or simply fear of the unknown. Fear is from our enemy, not God. How clever a scare tactic Satan has used. These women do not see the effects of abortion months and years down the road. We have heard women tell us they wanted an abortion because they may lose their job, they already have too many children, they could not afford another child, and even because the pregnancy was a result of a relationship with a married man. All these reasons are simply out of fear and inconvenience. This is life! How broken God’s heart must be!

When we have encountered women who are considering abortion, the ultrasound images are priceless. We recently helped a young college student that had an unplanned pregnancy. She had considered abortion although she did not believe it was right. Once she saw the baby on ultrasound, she automatically chose life. She later brought the father of the baby for a rescan and he chose life as well.

Another client had chosen abortion and actually went to Planned Parenthood for the procedure. When she had the ultrasound just before the abortion, she inquired of the staff how long the baby was. The staff refused to answer her. The client stated she thought this was their way of telling her that the baby was not a human being. They told her she could have the abortion that day as long as she was less than 17 weeks. After undergoing an ultrasound scan she was told that she was 16 weeks and would be able to have the abortion that day. Praise be to God, she decided that she could not go through with the abortion. Five days later she came to New Hope/Compassion Care Center. We were able to counsel with her and repeated the ultrasound. On ultrasound, the baby measured 18 weeks and 5 days. Obviously the scan she had performed at Planned Parenthood was incorrect in favor of same day abortion. They know that women who walk out without an abortion may not return. Planned Parenthood is in the abortion business for the revenue it generates. Money is their focus and they will use deception to ensure a profit. At New Hope, we were able to show her the length of the baby and share Jesus with her. She was brought to tears just to hear us say, “I’m proud of the decision you made not to abort.”

  A young woman came to us whose mom had scheduled an abortion for her and gave her the money to pay for the abortion. Her abortion was scheduled on a Tuesday but she did not go, she used the money to buy a crib and came to New Hope/Compassion Care Center instead. Praise God!

We had a young lady who is expecting come to us for support services. She claims to be an atheist/ agnostic. Her friend that came with her was a young man who identifies himself as being gay. During the appointment I felt the strong need to stop everything and just pray. Bonnie was able to have a good dialogue with them on what God says in his word. They accepted the gift of a Bible. Can you see them reading that Bible and accepting the truth in God’s Word? 

One Friday afternoon, a young man called New Hope/Compassion Care Center wanting a pregnancy test for his girlfriend that evening. I called Shonda and she was available to come and we set up the time for 6:30 PM before our prayer time at 7:00 PM. When I called the young man back I asked him if he needed directions and he said no that he would Google our number and that would give him directions. At 6:30, the young man called and wanted to know if he was at the right place – he was at Salem Pregnancy Center. We shared with him that we would wait for them to get here but they did not have time to drive to Yadkinville, have the appointment and get back to Winston -Salem, where they were from. We asked them when they could come and we set up an appointment for Saturday at 2 PM. We knew that God was at work. I Googled our phone number and I got our address not Salem’s. We felt like this couple was very young and scared. They were living bondage in fear of an unplanned pregnancy. We felt like it was God’s purpose for them not to find us on Friday night. God gave us the opportunity to come together in prayer on Friday night at 7 PM on behalf of this couple and our other prayer needs. God knew we need to be in prayer before they came to our doors. On Saturday at 2 PM the phone rang it was the young man and he said they were still coming but they were going to be late. I said no problem that we would wait for them. We had more time to pray together on behalf of this couple. At 2:45PM they finally arrived. They were young just as we expected. She was 18 and he was 16. She was nervous and jumpy and he just kind of seemed unsure. Shonda performed the test and it was negative. She shared with them how the could be free from the bondage they were facing because they were believing the lies of the devil that sex is fun and there is not consequences to sex outside of marriage. She shared with them God’s plan for sex within marriage. The young lady repented first and called out to God to forgive her and to restore her. Then the young man followed. They do not want to feel the fear they have been feeling. They want to regain their purity and save sex for marriage from here forward. Shonda gave them a Bible and shared with them this would be hard but they could do it with God’s help. Please continue to pray for this couple.

These are just a couple of the many stories that are a result of your support of New Hope/Compassion Care Center. As we work together to defeat the lies of the enemy and show these women truth and love, we can rebuild the walls just as Nehemiah did. New Hope/Compassion Care Center is about reaching these women right where they are, sin and all! Through abstinence education, pregnancy testing, obstetrical ultrasounds, STD testing and even prenatal care, we can rebuild families as God intended them.